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Want financial freedom to retire early?

You can be successful at real estate investing. It does not take a fancy degree or lots of money to do it. You just need the right team and patience to find properties that can lead to financial freedom. Rental properties can lead to a path of financial independence giving you time to pursue the things you love in life.

My journey started with a colleague mentioning the power of real estate. I work full time as a physician, but wanted a way to invest that would allow me to truly follow my passions without sacrificing all my time. I am now a full time physician and licensed real estate agent.

Look at real estate as a tool to achieve your goals. It takes work, but can also be a lot of fun and you get to work with a lot of great people along the way. My goal is to create an environment where people can share their ups and downs with real estate investing while balancing a busy career. This can be a place where people can learn from one another in a safe and transparent environment.

Real estate investment made easy. Start building for your wealth through real estate. The most important first step is getting started. Real estate is both understandable and approachable. What makes real estate an excellent investment vehicle is that it is scalable and can be started at multiple income levels.

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First and foremost this should be an educational website. People can come here to learn from others and ask questions. We can serve as resources to one another. Since I am a real estate agent and know many others I can help you find a real estate agent that aligns with your investment goals. If you already have a real estate agent, but need vetted vendors (property managers, contractors, lenders) I can try to help connect you to the right team. You need professionals that are familiar with working with investors.

Coach/Accountability Partner

You need a mentor or accountability partner that will be with you throughout the process. Talk on a weekly basis to make sure you are meeting your deadlines and on the right track to meet your goals. You can talk one on one with me or use the community to help you along your personal journey.

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